Are You Looking for a Security Job?

While there are many job sites out there, we have always been on the lookout for a site that addresses the need for Security Guards. Recently, we came across Security Guards Only, a site that claims to be an Online Community for Security Professionals. And, WOW are they ever!

We were interested in what they showed us on their homepage, so we signed up. Once we accessed the dashboard, we saw there were some great tools there — a Job Board. Resume Builder, Shift Tracking, and Networking options with a Profile and the ability to connect with other guards.

They have a unique resume builder which allowed us to create a resume and easy apply to security jobs. Overall we rate it 5/5 and we look forward to helping us grow and expand our business as well. We would recommend Security Guards Only to not only Security Guards, but also to Security Agencies looking to hire, or simply expand their network within the community!